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January 15, 2011

Two Great Posts

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Teacher Challenge Extension Activity 2

I have been following numerous bloggers over the years, but there are two that I find absolutely essential to keep checking out.  I have found so many useful tips and tools by reading their blogs – a BIG thanks to HEY JUDE, and Techie Brekkie.

As part of the Kick Start Your Blog Teacher Challenge, I am going to share two great posts from educators and justify their effectiveness…

Post 1

Google Proof your image attributions

I find Judy’s posts great because when sharing tools she does so with their use by teachers and students in mind.

  • The post title refers to the contents – it isn’t trying to be too catchy and ending up making the content unclear.
  • The content is well set out – the white space allows better uncluttered viewing. Headings, links, bullet points and images all add to the effectiveness of the post.
  • Judy adds her educational spin to this tool by promoting the need to teach students correct attribution skills.

Post 2

Lesson 04 – Animoto

I found Henrietta’s blog inspiring at a time when I felt that I had not been effective in seeing ICT really take off in our school.  I was frustrated and burnt-out.  My IT blog for school had been started, but not kept up.  Lunchtime sessions had been tried but not really embraced.  I read Henrietta’s experiences and the reason for her blog, checked out some tools on her blog, and became enthused once more!  A new year of new possibilities was coming up.

This was one of the first posts on this blog that I read – and I found the tool very useful.

  • The post title says it all – to the point!
  • There are paragraphs – probably there could be more, and some headings included – but the content is easy to read, and is again, from an educational viewpoint.  This is early on in the blog history, and it made me want to try the software – so I think it was effective!
  • There is a sample of what you can produce with the software posted.  This inspires people to investigate further.

I am finding this challenge great – but need to reduce the time I’m spending on some parts!  I tend to get carried away…


  1.   mrsempson — January 18, 2011 @ 1:27 pm    Reply

    Thank you for recommending two effective Bloggers and why you find them effective. Your points help me keep certain things in mind when writing my own blog. I will be sure to check out these Bloggers.

    I understand your frustration in getting schools to embrace the powerful learning that can happen with Technology. I am a leader in my school this way. I enjoy sharing my learning with the staff and a handful have embraced the opportunities. I remind myself it is better to create change in one person than none at all!

    How long have you been blogging? I have just begun with this 30 Day Challenge. How do you keep yourself interested in posting to your blog on a regular basis?

    •   mrsw28 — January 18, 2011 @ 11:55 pm    Reply

      Hi Mrsempson

      Thanks for your comment.

      I have been blogging on and off for a few years now. I set up a blog for school as a communications tool for our staff, so that I could have a place to post ICT information, teaching ideas, how-to guides and so on. I was enthusiastic to start with, but that enthusiasm tapered off wnen it didn’t really get used.

      I have set up blogs for primary classes, and tried to enthuse teachers that way. They liked the idea, but it didn’t get very far – time issues and maybe some technology access issues were a problem.

      This year my working situation has changed and I am hoping that I will use this blog to record interesting websites and tools that I come across rather than seeing them and then forgetting them! It is really a tool for my ICT tool gathering – not really a reflective blog. That way, I hope to keep my enthusiasm going by looking at the benefits of not “losing” the ideas/tools that I come across.myself adding to it.

      I am finding the 30 day challenge great – but it is very easy to spend a lot of time reading other people’s blogs!

      How do you share tools at your school? Do you use blogs, emails, newsletters, meeting sessions, one-on-one? Over the years I have tried all of these. I think that it needs to be promoted from the top – and that is what has changed this year.

  2.   Henrietta Miller — January 15, 2011 @ 10:04 am    Reply

    Thank for your kind comment about my blog. I am so glad that reading my post helped you ‘find your groove’ again, so to speak. I know only too well how frustrating implementing and using technology can be. keep up the great work in starting your own blog. you will find it a great tool for learning and reflection.


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